Relationships- Kicking and Screaming

Well the first few weeks of school have passed and everything is starting to settle down. You can finally go into class and sit in the same desk every day because everyone has stopped moving around to try to sit near their friends. you’ve learned who the smart people in you classes are (so that you know who to cheat off of) and who the not so smart people are (so you know who not to cheat off of). You’ve figured out who the class clown is, the teacher’s pet, and learned not to sit behind that one girl in the third row because she spends all class period combing her hair and excessively applying make up to her face (quite annoying to watch :p). All in all, its time to get down to business. Teachers are assigning homework, parents are finally enforcing curfews, and inevitably, people start looking for relationships.

Now let me make this abundantly clear, when I say relationship, I do not only mean having a boyfriend who carries your book bag and walks you to class, or a girlfriend who writes you cute notes and hides them in your text books so that you’ll find them when you’re studying. Unfortunately, there are a few other types of relationships. Some of the main ones are:

     1) The ‘You like me so I’ll like you too’ relationship. This relationship, most common among freshman, is not actually a relationship. Basically, little Timmy decides he likes Sally, so he tells his best friend Sam. Sam then goes to Sally’s best friend Rachel and tells her, who then tells Sally. However Timmy and Sally never actually speak to each other. They may smile at each other in the hallways or pass each other a note or two in class but that’s about it. This kind of relationship generally lasts 1 to 2 weeks, ending when either Timmy or Sally decides that they like someone else. Fun huh?

     2) The ‘Lets go together’ relationship. In this relationship (Also most common among freshmen and some sophomores), two people like each other and actually tell each other. They talk to each other during class and walk to class together. They tell everyone that their ‘Dating’, and even hold hands while their walking in the hallways, however its still not quite an actual relationship. They don’t hang out outside of school, they never talk on the phone or text each other and are too embarrassed to call each other pet names. This relationship lasts around 2 to 4 weeks. Cute, but not significant.

     3) The ‘Friends with benefits’ relationship. I’m sure most of us know what this means, but for those who are utterly and hopelessly clueless, I’ll review the main details. Basically, two people hook up whenever they feel like it. No relationship, no emotions, just the physical. These people are free to talk to and date other people.  However this is probably the most dangerous of all relationships because in the end, someone always lets their emotions get the better of them and wants an actual relationship. And the other person doesn’t. These relationships can go on for a while but pretty much always end badly.

     4) The ‘Actually Dating’ relationship. In this relationship, two people actually date. One person asks the other on a date, and eventually to be their boyfriend or girlfriend. They rearrange their schedules so that they have all of their classes together and eat lunch at the same table. They hang out after school and talk on the phone every night. They get their phones taken up for texting each other during class and are pretty much always in contact. This relationship can last from 1 month to… well marriage ❤

The beginning of the school year begins the search for relationships. Which means the beginning of a lot of drama that never ends :p (but that’s secretly what we all want right??) The news of who likes who, who’s dating who, and who wants to date who is always spreading around the school. Everyone has that list of people who they would date, wouldn’t date, and who wouldn’t date them, and it’s always being updated. Of course most of these high school relationships will fail, but it’s always interesting to see who is still together at the end of the year 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment with your opinions or views on high school relationships, or if you want some advice lol. Or if you have any high school topics you want me to post about and analyze 🙂 


Summer Ends, Drama Begins

 Well the ship that was summer vacation has sailed, leaving all student in a pool of their own tears as they watch its departure (Other than those who enjoy analyzing Shakespeare’s’ iambic pentameter and slaving over the quadratic formula).  The two month party of summer vacation has finally come to an end and again, just like all previous years, the start of school (though the same time every year) has come as a complete surprise to us. Against our will, we are forced to spend our last week of summer sparknoting summer reading and trying to find someone who actually did that pre- calculus packet that’s due the first day of school so that we can copy it… Don’t even try to deny it, you know you do it every year.   With the start of the school year comes many major changes we should take note of:

     1) Freshmen- All of those akward eighth graders from last year who we saw hanging around the mall in Aeropostale and American Eagle trying to find suitable clothing that would hang properly on their under- developed bodies will now be part of our student body. As we all know, where ever a freshman goes, drama follows… (No offense fishies) Now we get the pleasure of seeing which freshmen get lost and bullied on the first day of school and end up crying in the janitor’s closet. But more importantly, we get to see which ones actually manage to climb the social ladder and make their mark on the school year. Only time will tell.

     2) Teachers- With each new school year, there are new teachers. We all have our personal favorites (Most likely the ones we sucked up to freshman year and who now let us go into the teachers lounge to buy sodas from the vending machine whenever we please), and we all have the ones we detest with a burning passion (The ones who failed us in 9th grade biology because we never did our homework). But what about the new additions? Teachers typically fall into one of four categories- Cool, Push- over, Hot, and Creepy. Of course we all hope to get one of the few hot teachers that we can ogle at all period rather than pay attention in class, but honestly how often does that actually happen? 😦

     3) Returning students- A lot about a person can change over two months of summer vacation. The beginning of every school year brings promising news of all of our friends (And enemies) that we haven’t talked to all summer. Which guys got buff and started growing facial hair? Which girls lost weight or got plastic surgery and now serve as competition for those already attractive females? What Goths finally started wearing colors that compliment their skin tone? Who got religion and who got pregnant? The first few weeks will tell all.

The beginning of the school year brings different news, challenges, and changes for us all. For me personally? Drill team. Unlike other students, my summer ended about half way through July. Drill team has kept me busy since then with daily practices, camps, and auditions, and now that school has started my schedule is beyond chaotic. Why? Two words: Football Season. I’m a Lieutenant so I have a lot more to do than my fellow team mates when it comes to preparing for football season. 6am practices, two periods of dance classes and after school practices in addition to AP classes have me about ready to pull my hair out. But in the end, after we’ve performed at half time on Friday nights at the football games, its all worth it<3

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